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Check Prices: OKL Street Library UMKM Womenpreneurship Community Launching The First Product For Community Program Development

OKL Street Library Community UMKM womenpreneurship handmade woven (ft. OKL) Malaka | UMKM (Middle Class Micro Enterprises) in remote areas have a strategic role for economic development on a national scale. In addition, to urban areas, rural UMKM is also seen as having good prospects in the future. In fact, currently the government is always encouraging UMKM in the rural realm to be able to progress and be different from other types of businesses in the international arena.

OKL Street Library Community UMKM womenpreneurship is an empowerment program for women artists who focus on weaving (traditionally handmade) in Desa Railor, Malaka-Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Active and creative women in the field of weaving fabric handmade (Tais Malaka) who are members of the OKL Street Library Community UMKM womenpreneurship program from Malaka-Nusa Tenggara Timur, consisting of students, college students, housewives, female family heads, teachers, and village officials.

Currently, it has produced handmade woven, ready to be marketed online. Proceeds from all sales of handmade woven will be used for the development of all programs in the OKL Street Library Community.

Handmade woven is available, in various shapes, sizes and motifs. Good woven handmade fabric for children, adults, women or men. Can be ordered with your own motif, or the motif of the weaver’s choice.

At the moment, available small size handmade woven fabrics such as scarves. Which is woven directly by creative women, who focus on the creative industry of handmade woven in the Malaka area.

The handmade woven fabric is from wood cotton, while the “futus” by (LETROS) motif is dyed and natural yarn.

The description of the handmade woven fabric consists of The motifs are: ancient comb
Woven handmade size: Width: 42 CM, Length: 138 CM.

OKL Street Library UMKM Womenpreneurship handmade woven (ft. OKL)

Woven hand made is available in two colors, namely red and maroon with the same size and motif.

Red handmade woven fabric (ft. OKL)

Maroon handmade woven fabric (ft. OKL)

Furthermore, for local price is RP. 750.000 or $53 (Excluding shipping cost) and
Meanwhile, for overseas price is RP. 1.500.000 or $105 (excluding shipping cost to international destination country).

For further detail information or purchases, please contact the contact person below:

OKL Street Library, Tahak Debunaruk, Railor Village, Malaka-Nusa Tenggara Timur 85672.
WhatsApp : (+62) 81237950082
Facebook: Vian Lekik (OKL Street Library)
Fan Page: oklstreetlibrary
Instagram: oklstreetlibrary
Twitter: OKlauLekik

OKL Street Library; We share Literacy, education and Knowledge. (By OKL)

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